Optimizing combustion for a greener tomorrow


Today, our industry faces more environmentally responsible emissions mandates and greater demand for the use of renewable energy. That’s why decarbonizing through optimized combustion and enhanced predictive analytics for more intentional plant equipment uptime is essential.

The Thermox® WDG-V combustion analyzer is field-serviceable and monitors oxygen, combustibles, and methane in the combustion process with unparalleled precision. As plants strive to run more efficiently and accept more variable fuels at their burners, we provide solutions for tighter emission control.

Our webinar - Decarbonizing through Green Combustion - is available on-demand, and covers many important topics including:

  • The key levers for "greener" combustion and increased fuel efficiency
  • Which flue gas measurements provide the necessary basis for optimized combustion
  • How optimized combustion decarbonizes stack emissions and reduces greenhouse gases, including NOx
  • How much economic savings is generated from optimized levels of fuel efficiency